Deward Huie is one of the
founding members of Misty River
Band.  Deward has a driving banjo
style and does most of the lead
singing work.  Deward plays Gibson
Misty River Band
Bud Martin has been with the
band since 2003. His influences
are Mike Compton and Bill Monroe.
 Bud sings the tenor part and
plays Kimble mandolins.
Teresa Huie plays the bass.  She
plays with a strong and steady
beat. She keeps us all in time and
all in line. Teresa has been with
the band since 2005
Dwight Burks plays the fiddle
and really adds some blues to
the group.  We're proud to have
him.  Dwight has been with the
band since 2006
Ronnie Moore joined us in the
summer of 2012
.  He sings lead
and harmony and plays rhythm and
lead guitar.